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Artistic-based Passive Income

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The life of an artist is one filled with imagination. Most artists find themselves spending hours on end perfecting their work. In the previous eras artists were seen as tortured but blessed souls. Till today some of the most iconic art was produced by artists dabbed as social misfits. Now that we are in this century where artists are understood, the value of art has risen. We have the rich and wealthy spending sums in the millions on rare art.  This indicates that there is still room for artists to make money.

As an artist wanting to make passive income in this century, you have many options at your disposal. The effect of the digital era is making its presence felt in the digital world. It may seem rather daunting at first, but we assure you it is achievable. The secret lies in identifying the right stream for you and them building an independent business structure. A business that is fully sufficient eradicated the need of physical monitoring.

You might wonder how you will be able to make passive income and what streams are available for the artistic mind. We have narrowed down just a few to show you the possibilities that you have access to. Fetch that pen and paper and let us note down some ideas.

Take advantage of demand sights

If you are the kind of artist who has a lot of drawings or artwork laying around, you can make money on demand sites.These sites convert your artwork into print that can be downloaded by interested parties. The price you set and quality of your work will determine how many people buy your artwork. Creating traffic to the products that you are selling will increase your chances of higher sales volume. There are various platforms open for different kinds of artists. They include RedBubble, Zazzle, Spread shirt, Certify, among others. Do your research and find out if a prospective site will work for your type of artwork.

Videos and Tutorials

YouTube came and revolutionized how the world interacted. YouTube introduced people of different continents to new content and information. There are so many people who are hungry for information. Since everyone’s style is different, different kinds of people are likely to gravitate to different styles of information delivery. You can make tutorials/videos to pass information and to entertain at the same time. The more views/subscribers you get, the more money you make from YouTube. Find your personal style and use it, you never know, you might go viral.

Become an Art Teacher

Are you patient and have the knowledge to share? Why don’t you take advantage of the many platforms provided art? You can teach art to kids or illustrate for grownups. The choice is yours. 

Among the popular platforms that you can find are Skillshare, CreativeBug and CreativeLive. You can get more income if you can provide extra tutoring and support services for an acceptable fee.

Write an eBook

You will never find a society that lacks avid readers. If you are knowledgeable in a certain field, we suggest you consider this stream. Not all of us have enough time to engage in making videos and tutorials. You can consider getting a freelance writer to write the book for you. Then all you have to worry about is selecting the right platform to sell your book. You pay a certain fee to the platform and bag the rest.


This is the unsung hero of the bunch. It takes the time to build a reputable blog with a large following. Once this is established however your options are limitless. You can use your blog to sell your crafts or get paid to partner up or promote other blogs. There is also the option of getting paid by companies to promote their products. Basically, the blog can be used in many ways to make an extra buck.

Acquire a license

For those prolific painters who get people interested in their art can leverage their art. There many companies that need logos and prints. When you license your art, you get royalties for it. Depending on your country of origin, make sure you are aware of the license’s terms and conditions. This way you understand the limitations. Make sure that the quality of your work is capable of attracting such attention.

Utilize subscription boxes

If you are an artist whose area is crafts, you can really benefit from this stream. The first challenge is to create an email list or your clients. If you already have a growing fan base then you can use that to promote a special product that can be delivered on a periodic basis. Maybe you can offer people holiday packages.

After you have established the list, the next step is automation. You have to ensure that a billing system is set up for the products. People can either pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. If you get production, delivery and payment right, this stream is a winner. Make products that people would love to get periodically. That way you are that you make them your loyal customers.

These are some of the more undertaken ways. You can search the net to find the right stream for you. Nothing comes easy in this world so be prepared for a bit of work. With that said, all the best!

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