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Passive income for stay at home moms

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As a stay at home mom, the greatest treasure in your life is your family. You would move to the ends of the earth just to protect your family. In the quest to provide your family with only the best, you might be looking for ways to make an extra buck. Since most of your time is spent taking care of your family, you do not require a time intensive job. You need ways to make money that offers flexible hours and convenient location.

Passive income provides moms with a means to make the elusive extra buck. Passive income lets you explore the different streams available so that you can select the one that you prefer. Making passive income work for you will depend on the effort you put in. Selecting the right passive income stream and learning to automate it will require some effort but it is achievable. Below are some of the income streams you can choose from. Remember you are not limited to one but you cannot serve them all. Dividing your attention may cost you in the long run.

Write an e-book

This is not for everyone.Writing an e-Book needs experience so as to provide relevant information. Being that you are a mom, you can write an eBook that focuses on babies and other mom related activities. This way your audience will be able to relate to your books more. You don’t even have to do it yourself. You can get a writer to help you out. You have access to online platforms like Kindle that you can use to distribute your books. This way, every time your book is downloaded or bought, money drops in your account.


This stream of passive income may take a lot of effort but it is likely to give some huge returns. With blogs, the aim is to dispense valuable information to create a large following. Once a large following has been established, you can do what you want. We have bloggers who are earning large chunks of money through blogging. You find that there are a lot of companies offering a fee for their products to be featured on famous blogs. As a stay at home mom, we bet you have a lot of advice and product preferences that you can recommend to people. The good thing about blogs is that it has a personal touch, thus believable.

Dive into crafts

For those with crafting abilities, this is the one for you. There are popular platforms like Etsy where you can sell your crafts. It does not matter whether it’s a digital print or a really cool necklace. These platforms allow you to access millions of buyers. The secret to the success of this stream is generating web traffic to your product.  You can do this by advertising or blogging about the product.Once you capture people attention then the sales start racking in. when it comes to crafts, marketing is your best friend.

Work as a freelancer

Freelancing has become a popular way of making money especially for those who detest office jobs. As a freelance mom, you can work anytime you want and select what you want to work on. You can get a job as a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, you can do simple tasks and get paid hourly for it. You can choose to work in any field as a freelancer. The trick is to find a constant flow of work. You can work as a freelance designer, writer, editor, among others. The choice is yours.

Economy sharing

We are now in the world of economy sharing. This concept is taking the world by storm and it’s about time for mothers to join in. If you have extra space you can rent it out to someone who needs it. The economy sharing concept is not tied down to space only. You can even rent out equipment. All you have to do is access economy sharing platforms like And, Snapgoods, among others to access customers. This way you will be helping out someone and getting money for it.

Try Amazon associates

The Amazon affiliate program is a winner. All you have to do is promote products through an Amazon provided a link. Once you create traffic to certain products and sales are made, bingo! Money is deposited into your account. You can create traffic by posting links to websites and blogs since you are not limited to one product. For a stream that only takes 5 minutes to register and no fee required, you have no excuse. The more sales are made through the provided links the more commissions you get.

Index funds

This is a great way for moms who have very little time to engage in time intensive streams. If you have some money that is currently lying dormant, you can try this stream. The use of index funds has been popular for its long term convenience. You set a specific amount of money that is deposited each month. This money continues gaining interest until you withdraw the money. There will be high and low days as the norm in the market but let the money sit. This money will accumulate over the years. This way you are certain that you have a nest egg for those financial rainy days.

Survey sites

You may have to register in a few of these sites but if done right it can earn you a considerable amount. We are in a digital era where data is valued. There are many companies in search of information. These sites pay per survey so the more you get the better. The good thing is that it has no start up cost and the surveys never take too long. If you just want a simple stream, settle for this.

These are just some of the few methods that are available. Every day new methods spring up so you will not run out of options.Take your time and pick the right passive income stream for you.

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